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R​é​seau Culte

by rADio eNd

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The iron prison is in your head (your head) You can kill the boss (chope your head) There will be another one (another one will replace it) Change your mind (open your eyes) The prison will vanish (memory fall in dust) Yes you can destroy the prison (you are inside) But soon or later you will build another one (your head) Till your being is not a home without door noch window (Free yourself) Free yourself Free yourself Free yourself The bars are the fears The guardians are dogmas The Headmaster all the "Ism" The iron prison is in your head The iron prison is in your head The iron prison is in your head you are inside Think about power exists because of power structures...


More info about rADio eNd here horsnorme.org/rADio_eNd/rADio_eNd_english.html

The Necrophile Hummingbird presents RESEAU CULTE by rADio eNd
"Interzone Music for Outsider People"

About the depths of this album :
Do you remember ?
K/W/A/Y archive.org/details/NomenclatureGenerale and next La 6ème République... archive.org/search.php?query=creator%3A%22la+6Eme+REpublique%22
Indeed a secret friends meeting with a guest.
Water flowed under the bridges since the time of our noise supergroup, which was the same sort of fake self proclamation than with queer movement.
In reality we were 3 Folks (and a ghost) lost within a lost industrial city.
Since my two friends grown up ST Noiz stnoiz.bandcamp.com
Now we are all on our own, but it's good to be one more time together,
with Magic Bullet to help us turn this more in an Extended Play extended by remixes than an usual album.

If you are too much short in time to enjoy the full journey there is a preview here www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVFbuoFmJ_8

About the surface of the album :
"The truth is, no one of us can be free until everybody is free." Maya Angelou.

Featuring ardleg on track 2 & 5
Featuring Magic Bullet on track 6
Featuring KHΛOMΛИ on track 7
Ed End on all tracks.

One track is also on this free compilation

One extra track is on this free download compilation

Video Art Clips here
In The Hand Of The Odd www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRePiy90UJc
Serial Experiments Lain Spoiler www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVFbuoFmJ_8

You may notice that the name of this project is in straight line of post situationist industrial culture detournement. It's obvious name squatting of Radiohead. Copythief Attitude. This music is free, usually in the capitalist system this would be consider for most of the listeners as something without value. Junk. Indeed it's the opposite, actually in this upside down world nothing is more valuable than anything really free. Take Care to Keep the Free Culture Alive. Let's share.

More info in the previous demo album description

Also Réseau Culte is very close of previous research done with A Symbiotic Experience so you may enjoy check the discography here :
(prequel) Dawn of the Damned by Gabriel Pereira Spurr & Yoshiwaku archive.org/details/Dawn_of_the_Damned_Gabriel_Pereira_Spurr_Yoshiwaku
Renaskigo hamfuggirecords.bandcamp.com/album/renaskigo
Rebirth archive.org/details/Rebirth_A_Symbiotic_Experience
Near Death Experience archive.org/details/Near_Death_Experience_A_Symbiotic_Experience

The final release is also here archive.org/details/rADio_eNd_RESEAU_CULTE


released October 31, 2020





Tkno BeurK (grand father electronic experiments)
OresteS (father post-industrial)
Yoshiwaku (kid greyphonics)

Like a snake removing is old skin, Yoshiwaku continues his improvisation journey thru the virgin territory of noise begun in 1999 with Tkno BeurK.

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